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Home information pack “just avoid it”

The public are avoiding the home information pack which is causing a knock on effect of depressing the housing market. However you can legally avoid the home information pack and we will show you how.

A review carried out for the Government by Europe Economics, published yesterday, found that the home information packs had already deterred people from putting their houses up for sale.

Bottom line  Home information packs are depressing the housing market, as speculative sellers, are not prepared to spend up to £700 on a sellers pack just to dip there toe in the water, this has led to a reduction of  almost 1.5 million homes from the market.

First time buyers are now facing a mammoth struggle to even get on the property ladder.

If you were buying a really expensive second hand car would you accept the reports on the car from seller as fact. NO YOU WOULD NOT.

Which is why Solicitors are advising clients to to get there own property searches which defeats the purpose of the pack, its time it just went away.

Better still we can show you how to legally avoid the Home information pack..

However the Hips pack providers are still churning out there rambling spin. Take this idiot for example: Paul Broadhead, Deputy Director General, Association of Home Information Pack Providers (AHIPP).
“The latest HIP allegations from RICS appear to have disregarded the many benefits that the  home information packs will offer first time buyers – the most vulnerable of buying groups.

With more information upfront and the costs incurred in gathering and providing information such as searches transferred to the seller, first time buyers will find their first step onto the housing ladder a more affordable and more informed one.

“What RICS appear to have forgotten is that first time buyers stand to benefit the most from the introduction of HIPs. With the vendor responsible for acquiring the HIP, costs will be eliminated and buyers will be able to make a more informed decision from the offset.”

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Home information pack Hips on all “homes and flats”

Ok everyone no panic, with those hated useless home information packs to be rolled out on all homes.

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (Rics) predicted that, with these properties disappearing from the market in one fell swoop, activity will “grind to a halt” with buyers left chasing a very small number of properties.

A review carried out for the Government by Europe Economics, published yesterday, found that the packs had already deterred people from putting their houses up for sale.

You know what to do to avoid them and that ridiculous energy performance certificate.

Call your bedrooms rooms simple your hare then HIPs and EPC free, save your self more than £500 plus sell your home when you want to.

No more idiots wandering around your home. 


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Home information pack “confirmed, its a con.”

We have been saying all along that the searches in the Home information pack were useless, now it has been confirmed by the Press and mortgage lenders. 

Major mortgage lenders, including HSBC, are unwilling to trust local authority searches contained in the packs put together by sellers. see this post June 7th sellers pack searches

The Daily Mail reported that banks are telling buyers to pay for their own searches, including information on drainage, planning applications and building consents, through their own solicitor.

This means tens of thousands of homeowners in a chain, making up about 80% of the market, are being forced to pay twice.

They are legally obliged to spend £500 on a HIP to give to potential buyers of the property they are selling, and are also being told by their mortgage lender to pay a similar amount for a lawyer to carry out searches of the property they want to buy.

The home information pack(s) were intended to speed up the selling process by giving buyers all the information they need without having to employ solicitors to carry out searches.

With the home sellers pack touted around westminster, as a cost saving to help first time buyers, its now turned into a  complete farce. First time buyers and in fact all home buyers are now having to pay extra for searches…

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